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Congratulations to our February 2015 Prize Winners!
(winners drawn on March 1, 2015)
1st Prize - $500:   Mari Guzman, Jubilee Travel and Tours
2nd Prize - $200:  Jenifer Rohde, Vacation Super Store
3rd Prize - $100:  Douglas Bible, Bursch Travel
4th Prize - $100:  Lena Brown, Largay Travel
5th Prize - $100:  Shelbi Hoffman, Global Travel
6th Prize - $100:  Kari Mollan, Stellar Travel
7th Prize - $100:  Kristie DeWaele, TravelOnly
8th Prize - $100:  Sandy Haddick, Dreams Are Forever Travel
9th Prize - $100:  Karen Banjar, SellOffVacations.com
10th Prize - $100:  Lianne Auger, CAA Travel
April 1st for more Cash Prizes!